Your trusted and confidential partner, providing comprehensive Background Checks and Due Diligence in the Himalaya Region.

Pedia Consultant together with its sister company Intelcheck Asia (ICA) offers dedicated local resources and partnerships to provide a comprehensive global service to our clients.

Who We Are

Pedia Consultant has been established in Kathmandu, Nepal since 2012 due to the demand for quality Employment Screening and Investigative Due Diligence in the Himalayan region including Nepal, Bhutan and India. The name "Pedia" derived from Latin and used as suffix refers to "learning" relating to our services of learning about an individual or an organization through background screening, verification and due diligence reports.

In 2016, ICA was established to provide similar services throughout South and South East Asia. Together the companies provide a reliable, strong and sustainable partner for clients. Key Management have vast experience and knowledge of the industry, having had over 20 years experience in Asia.

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Our Services

Background Screening

The growth of an organization is only possible with its employees whose activities and performance directly impact on the company reputation.
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Investigative Due Diligence

Due diligence is an independent detailed investigation or assessment made on the target entity or asset to understand the potential risks involved in a proposed transaction.
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Corporate Investigation

Pedia Consulting specializes in corporate investigations assisting to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties.
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